We Make Hardscaping Easy

A problem that several homeowners face is what to choose for their hardscape. What makes the most sense for their home? What can they actually maintain? And what materials should they use? These questions and more need to be answered before hardscaping can begin. If you’re unable to answer them or don’t know how to begin, then you need the services and solutions of Gladiator Construction.

Our Driveways are Built to Last

Living in the greater Northern Virginia areas of Fairfax, Prince William or Loudon Counties, you’re no stranger to harsh weather that can cause havoc on your driveway. Not only are driveways vital for easy access to your home, but they provide an impression for your home. When guests or passersby see your home and take note of the broken or decaying driveway, then they may not be impressed.

Our services can help.

We have experience installing of several different types of driveways. No matter if your driveway is only a few feet or several feet long, we’re willing to help you.

Part of figuring out what’s best for your driveway is the use of it. Do you only use the driveway sparingly? Or is it somewhere that sees a lot of traffic? Do you want your driveway to last for several years? Or do you want a more affordable option that will only last a couple of years?

Your needs will determine our service. We adapt to you to ensure you always get what you need while experiencing our high-quality work.

Make Your Pool Area The Place to Be

Another hardscape project in we commonly tackle is the area around or leading up to your pool. Having a pool isn’t enough if you want to impress your neighbors, entertain family or friends, or raise the value of your home. It needs an area around it where you, your neighbors, and your family and friends can gather and relax.

The size and shape of the pool area surround may be difficult for you to imagine. You may also be unsure what material to use. Gladiator Construction can help. We have a keen understanding of construction materials and what holds up well in the presence of water over the years.

We can help you find a material that will last for a long time and matches the kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for. The color you choose can invoke a certain feeling and mood for your pool area. Do you want to be an intimate place? A place of luxury? Or is it something family-friendly that invokes feelings of welcome and fun?

We can help you decide what material to choose that can give you the theme or feeling that you’re looking for.

Increase Your Home’s Value with a Patio

A great outdoor entertainment area is a patio. It’s a place where you can add outdoor furniture to relax, where you can serve dinners, and where you can install other features like a fountain or even a fire pit. The durability and attractiveness of your patio rest on the skill of the team you choose to build it.

At Gladiator Construction, we use the best materials and latest technology in our projects. Your patio will last for years and look incredible.
We can completely transform your home by including hardscaping. With our 5-year workmanship warranty, you know that you’re receiving the best work in the area.

Add Luxury to Your Home with an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most up-and-coming ways you can make your home look incredible is to add an outdoor kitchen. If your family spends a lot of time outside in the yard, then an outdoor kitchen is an ideal luxury item that can bring the fun of cooking outdoors. Don’t be stuck inside cooking while your friends and family are outside enjoying the pool, deck or patio!

An outdoor kitchen enables you to socialize with them while preparing dinner and snacks. You can even add a small bar area for adult-only parties.

The shape, design, or even the location of your outdoor kitchen may not be easy to imagine. Or, if it is, then figuring out how to build it may not be. Gladiator Construction can take care of all aspects for you. We can help you choose the kind of materials you need to ensure your outdoor kitchen is safe to use in certain elements of the weather.

We know how easy it is for some materials to deteriorate in the winter or harsh rain, too. That’s why we work primarily with stone. It lasts, can stand up to abuse, and it looks luxurious.

Our team can help you build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Your goals matter.

We're here to listen, advise you, and help you love the home you're in. Let's talk about how we can work together to make that happen for you!