Decks, Outdoor Structures, & 4 Season Room Installations in Northern Virginia

With more homeowners looking to turn their home into a place where they can relax, entertain, and work comfortably, the need for extra space becomes clear. Adding a deck, or 3- or 4-season room is an ideal choice because it solves all those problems and more. At Gladiator Construction, we’ve helped countless homeowners build decks and 3- or 4-season rooms in Northern Virginia. Our experience ensures that you’re satisfied with our workmanship by the time we’re finished. Here’s what you need to know about our services.

What Kind of Decks & Outdoor Structures Can Gladiator Construction Build?

We have experience handling practically any outdoor deck or structure. Some projects we’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Elevated Decks
  • Platform Decks
  • Multi-level Decks
  • Stairs
  • Screening Fences
  • Pavilions
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos

In each of our projects, we used either pressure-treated lumber, composite decking, or a mixture of various building materials. We offer composite decking from trusted brands like Timbertech, Azek, and Trex. This type of decking is designed to be durable and hold up well against water. You won’t have to worry about your deck or pergola decaying any time soon.

We can also equip our decks or your yard with a screening fence. This type of fence is used primarily to increase privacy rather than security. If you want to enjoy your deck or yard without the neighbors spying on you, then a screening fence is the perfect solution.

Why Upgrade Your Outdoor Space?

Our decks are designed to be an extension of your living room or make your outdoor space more livable. They can even upgrade your outdoor experience. A yard is enjoyable, but if you don’t have a deck to relax on, then you’ll never truly appreciate your yard.

It can become a place where your friends and family gather to form fond memories. You can host dinners, parties, and other get-togethers from the comfort of your deck.

Decks can also provide a new professional work area for you. When you’re cooped up in the house and need a change of scenery, you can simply take your laptop or work out to your deck. This gives you the ability to take in the sun while you resume your work.

Added features such as screening fences and pergolas may not exactly increase the functionality of your home, but add architectural value and overall appeal to your home.

What Are 3- and 4-Season Rooms?

If you’re curious about having a 4-season room in Northern Virginia installed, then you may wonder what it includes and how it’s different from a 3-season room.

This type of room is built for easy access to the outdoors. It usually features several windows and some form of screen or door that can close the room from the rest of the home and also has access to the outside or yard.

At Gladiator Construction, we always build our 3 and 4-season rooms the same. The only difference is that the 4-season room has with heating and cooling installed. If you ever decide that you want to convert your 3-season room into a 4-season one, then we’re happy to do that for you. Since we’ve already have done all of the hard work of setting up for heating and cooling, we can make the transition quickly and convert it into a 4-season room that you’ll love.

Why Choose Gladiator Construction in Northern Virginia

We take our projects seriously. When come to us with a project, you know that you’re receiving quality work. We utilize high-quality materials, use the latest tools and equipment, and have the experience that makes our projects last.

One benefit of working with us is that you’ll receive a 5-year warranty on our workmanship. If anything does go wrong, then you can count on us to fix it.

Why Build a 4-Season Room?

Seasonal rooms are ideal because it helps you connect with the outdoors without actually being outside. These rooms are useful for professionals that want a home office that’s closer to nature. Because these rooms can be closed, you can have complete privacy and silence as you work.

The benefit of it being a 4-season room is that you can change the temperature within it to ensure your comfort.

This type of room also gives you more livable space. It can be an area where you craft or entertain. At the very least, it adds beauty to your home and an easy transition between the indoor space of your home and the outdoors.

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